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Giving Tuesday

It’s Giving Tuesday. Its an initiative I have always felt strongly about as we encourage our own young daughters to “Save, Share, Spend” throughout the year with the money they receive. And its refreshing to see organizations who apply this model corporately and believe as well in the importance of giving back to their community. I wanted to write this blog today as an employee who is proud of what Farm Life does and I believe it is something we should talk about. We are encouraged here to be active volunteers in the community. Our staff are members of several boards who provide countless hours of volunteer work on a weekly basis to help better our local community. Our executive team is supportive of this and encourages us to be involved. There is a corporate understanding at Farm Life that we are all in it together - to work towards a better society - and giving our time, counsel and expertise is a way we can assist organizations in the community who provide and deliver services in the most efficient and effective way possible. 100% of our employees donate dollars directly from each pay cheque to the United Way and throughout the year, several donations are made to countless organizations. It’s something we should talk about and encourage other businesses to do the same – creating a healthy, vibrant community where you live is one of the best ways we can all succeed. – Devon

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