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Farm Girls

It’s my first year celebrating International Women’s Day while working at Farm Life. When I realized it was International Women’s Day, my instinct was to write a blog about all of the amazing women I have met in this industry since joining the team. There is a ton of strong, powerful and extremely successful women who I have felt fortunate to meet since diving into the agriculture world. And I don’t just mean women in powerful roles in various agriculture positions, I mean the female farmer. And I also mean the daughter, and the mothers, the wives, the sisters and the daughter in laws who play a key role in motivating families in starting, and most importantly, completing succession plans. I am the proud mom of two strong daughters. And I look forward to the world of opportunity that lies ahead of them when they grow up and explore their career options. It’s encouraging to me as I build my career in agriculture to feel the support of organizations like the Ag Women’s Network and to also follow women in the industry on twitter who are consistently breaking down barriers and stereotypes that previously existed. So today, I will raise my glass and toast all of our female farmers and will also toast the moms, wives, daughters, daughters in laws, sisters out there who support their farming husbands, fathers, brothers. We know it is tough work being a farmer, and today we salute all of our female farmers and those working alongside our farmers as we stand together to keep farmers farming. – Devon Girard, Farm Life Financial Planning Group

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