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I am learning about hashtags now and social media and all of these new communication tools we have today. But the bulk of my time is still spent driving. I spend a lot of time on the road meeting with farmers right across Ontario and it makes me smile every time – these stickers on peoples cars supporting our farmers such as #farmersfeedfamilies or If you Ate Yesterday, Thank a Farmer or #farmingrocks, or my personal favourite No Farmers, No Food, No Future. They make me smile because they are all true! Society is finally catching up with us, something we all knew a long time ago, farmers make the world go round. And without farmers, there is no food and there is no future. It’s genuinely such a passion of mine to ensure farming families can keep farming. I love seeing this trend and the “coolness” factor we are experiencing today in our industry. I love that it is cool to be a farmer. - DW

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