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Keeping Farmers Farming

That message “Keeping Farmers Farming” is the basis of why I founded Farm Life. After experiencing the loss of my family’s farm when my father passed away suddenly, I became determined to do all I can to prevent this from happening to others. It takes a rare breed to be a farmer, and if there are people who want to join the agriculture industry, I want to ensure they have the means to do so. A recent study by the Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council outlined the severity of what is happening across our country – we are facing a major workforce issue on our farms. It projects that by 2025 the shortage of Canadians working in agriculture will double – a potential shortage of 114,000 people. That’s scary news. It’s already tough for farmers to address labour shortages and this study outlines a severe threat facing our industry. I go back to the reason I started this business, to work with farm families and do all we can to keep farmers farming and empower their families as we face these challenges together. - DW


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