Family Business Governance

Continuity of the family business requires both commitment and communication to working towards positive outcomes.


Once a succession plan is complete, some families engage with us to continue facilitating family harmony and protecting the legacy of the family farm business. 


Communication & Participation

Communication between family members are sometimes the toughest conversations to have. Creating an inclusive environment where family members feel empowered to have courageous conversations is the first step in co-creating a family business communication and participation policy. 


We discuss which family members are included in the farm business meetings, and who has a stake in the future outcome of the business and needs a voice at the table. The outcome of this service is a family communication policy. 


Decision-Making Framework

Creating a participatory culture can lead to struggles about who is responsible for decision making of the family business.


The “familiness” factor is protected during this process of clarifying roles and establishing how decisions are made. A decision-making framework is the result of this service. 

Family Business Facilitation

Many families build strong communication when they establish good habits. Helping to facilitate courageous conversations about the family farm business works to ensure both its legacy and family harmony are protected.


We chair or facilitate your family business meeting on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis to help establish good habits and put your governance work into practice. We also work with family members to develop an agenda.