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"Succession planning can be a very long stressful procedure.  It is difficult to plan your future while protecting your child’s.  Transferring your lifelong accomplishments to your child is difficult from both sides.  One is giving up the reigns of a successful business while the other is traumatized by the fear of failure.  This is where having a competent person to help with this endeavour is important.  Darrell was not only a fantastic mediator to help get through the difficult decisions, but has a great team behind him to analysis your business to make sure what you are doing is financially feasible.  It was a two-year process transferring our business to our son and his wife and Farm Life was beside us every step of the way making the transition smooth and attainable." - Doug and Bev

“We certainly love Darrell. We have had nothing but a wonderful experience working with him and his team through our succession process. Previously, we were worried. We were unsure what the future held for our children and our farm and now we have a peace of mind. We both feel really good. And our children do too. His process is one that has allowed our entire family to be on board and happy with the outcome.” – Bill and Hazel

“All employees we dealt with were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Darrell made us feel comfortable sharing our family history and future plans and outlined options we had not yet considered. He showed a great deal of patience in dealing with all family members and his separate initial visits to each of us helped all of us get a true picture of each other’s side. I would certainly recommend this firm to others looking for a solid succession plan.” – Judy, Allan and Lois 

 “With the expertise, care and understanding provided by Darrell and his team, my parents were able to make fair allowances for the non-farming members of their family, all the while, ensuring their farm would continue as a viable ag-business for the next generation and beyond.” -Stu

“Darrell's plan was a simple, common sense plan that everyone could understand and be engaged in.  Everyone's confidence began to grow and so did their passion for farming.  We still have much to accomplish, but Darrell has been a godsend for us and our family.” – Joanne

Joanne's Story


My husband, Steven loved to farm. As a matter fact it was his passion. I fell in love with his enthusiasm and his dedication.  I couldn't help but be engaged!!  He had an ability to set goals for our family and our farming business. Soon everyone was engaged.  It was exciting times. Until one day we lost him at the young age of 46. He had been sick and struggling for 10 years.  He underwent two double lung transplants in Toronto. I was so thankful he survived for an extra six years to be able to watch and teach his three sons what he knew.


My sons were 19, 18, and 13 when they lost their father.  It was a struggle for all of us.  Steve was my rock and soulmate.  I felt so lost without him.


I didn't know what to do next or what direction I needed to take. How was I going to raise these boys by myself?  Where would we all end up? Is this farm what I still wanted? How am I ever going to manage everything?  So many questions and no answers. I struggled more during that time than I did watching Steve struggle to breathe through every day.  Somehow my faith seem to keep me afloat. I managed to "maintain everything", but I was still really lacking any direction and enthusiasm of life.  It was a difficult task for me to raise three teenage boys who seem to know everything!!  Some days I just felt like throwing in the towel and selling everything.  That would've been an easy way out.  I needed some help and I prayed for it daily.


Then a Pioneer sales representative I knew well by the name of Stuart MacMillan, gave me a name and phone number of the man I needed to call.  His name was Darrell Wade.  He thought he could be a good fit to help me plan my future with the boys.  I could see my boys loved the farm and they loved the lifestyle that they had as much as their father.  I couldn't bear to take that away from them. 


I was pleasantly surprised when I met Darrell at Tim Hortons during a snowstorm. When I met him I remember telling him I was expecting someone older.  We laughed and it was easy after that!!  We eventually began to build to plan, one step at a time to help our family move forward.  It had an amazing effect on the boys.  The decisions we made along the way inspired the boys to raise to the occasion. I could see and feel their excitement.


 They were inspired and eager to do more once they knew they were part of this plan.  Most people thought I was crazy planning their future with them at such a young age, but how wonderful to know where you are going!!


Darrell's plan was a simple, common sense plan that everyone could understand and be engaged in.  Everyone's confidence began to grow and so did their passion for farming.  We still have much to accomplish, but Darrell has been a godsend for us and our family.


I feel it is never too early or too late to get some direction for your life.  Many people just wander through life aimlessly not really knowing what they're striving for or where they are going.  Everyone needs a plan!


How are you ever going to get where you want to be without a plan?  It's also important to have a good team to help you along the way.  I was always overwhelmed with succession planning, how and where to even begin?  With Darrell on board it seems so easy and comfortable.  He also keeps all of us on track!!  We are all once again excited about our future.  That's what life is about!


Thank you Darrell for coming along when you did. 




Joanne Brown